Deals to end the year with!!

Dear UeaTers,

It is almost the end of term. Whether you are a student, staff or faculty member, you are looking forward to a few free moments at the end of this term.

Until you are done, we have a few wonderful deals to help make your days go by.



On April 15, 2010 (Thursday), Starbucks is offering FREE COFFEE to anybody who comes with their reusable mug.

By lugging your mug to campus, you are saving a forest (and you thought you weren’t making an impact!) To calculate how many trees you are saving, click on the picture below.



Until April 23, 2010, bring $5 to one of the participating locations listed below and get an entire meal! For menu items and locations, click on the picture below.


We hope you will take advantage of these deals.

Best of luck with exams, tests and deadlines!

Countdown to GREEN DAY

What better way to welcome the spring than to go green! Green Day is coming up and we at UeaT need your help to reduce our environmental footprint.
The Lug A Mug campaign  is in its second year now, and continues to be a huge success thanks to the students, faculty and staff at U of T. 
If you haven’t already made the switch to reusable containers for your coffee or tea, now is the time to begin! You save $0.25 each time you purchase coffee or tea in your reusable mug; you help the University, the city, and the global environment; and given the funky patterned mugs that are out in the market now, you get to accessorize!

Lug a Mug

Last year, you saved 76,561 cups from ending up in landfills by using reusable mugs at the various coffee counters. You also saved $19140.25 by reusing your mug.

This year, we are aiming for 100,000 cups being replaced with reusable mugs. Can we do it??

I continue to Lug a Mug

The campus wide Lug A Mug campaign is now in its second year. For those who don’t know what Lug a Mug is, check out our previous post about the campaign. We crunched some numbers and discovered that U of T students have been saving quarters galore. How many, you ask? 76,561 quarters! That equals 76,561 cups that did not go into the garbage. That also equals $19140.25 saved by U of T students in one year!!! Good job everybody!

For those of you who haven’t already made the switch to reusable mugs, we suggest you do it soon…

Why? Because:

  • You save 25 cents off each coffee or tea
  • You help keep Styrofoam and cardboard cups out of our landfills
  • You help reduce pollution in the environment
  • You don’t have to worry about finding a garbage can to throw away your empty cup
  • You get a smile from the nice lady at the coffee bar…because she supports Lug A Mug.

I Lug A Mug

Repeat Post from September 1, 2009


Remember the days when pay phones cost a quarter…and ironically, you never had a quarter when you needed to make a call? A quarter can go a long way…four of them saved and you have a loonie! So for the rest of the year, lug your mug and save yourself many, many loonies.

At participating UeaT locations, when you buy a coffee or tea in your refillable container (mug, thermos, bottle, jar, vase), you save $0.25 off the regular price. That makes you happy. It also makes the employees happy because they have less disposable coffee cups to throw out. And it makes Mother Earth happy because she does not have to process all that plastic, cardboard, ink. And when she’s happy, everybody is happy.

In short, make everybody happy and Lug a Mug!