Countdown to GREEN DAY! Part deux

Adding to the last post, U of T’s Water Initiative is also underway. Campus partners encourage the use of refillable water canteens or bottles. There are filtered water stations in cafeterias, and water fountains in almost every building on campus. You can fill your canteen at any of these locations for free: save yourself some money and keep plastic bottles out of the landfills.

If you are almost convinced to switch to stainless steel canteens, check out The Good Human to be fully convinced.


U of T’s Water Initiative

Hello UeaTers,

We hope you are all set to attend frosh and your first week of classes. Before you head on over to campus, we would like to invite you to join U of T’s Water Initiative. The City of Toronto is promoting public water, and discouraging the use of plastic bottles on city property.

In light of recent studies on the effects of plastic bottles on your health and the environment, U of T also discourages the use of plastic water bottles. The St. George campus houses drinking fountains and filtered water stations (yes, filtered!). We encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle or canteen to campus, and fill it during the day from these sources. Not sure what type of reusable water bottle to use? The Good Human has a simple little explanation of the Dos and Don’ts of reusable water bottles.

Also, keep an eye out for PWI’s information tables during the school year.