Local Food and Food Justice at York University

Good morning UeaTers!

If you are interested in food justice, and have some time tomorrow (Tuesday), be sure to head up to York University for an exciting event. Details below:


When? 19 January 2010

Time: 12:30pm – 2:00pm


Professor Deborah Barndt of York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies and other partners of the Foodshed Project will speak, moderated by Professor Harriet Friedmann of the University of Toronto.

Toronto has been the site of innovative food initiatives transforming the food system at all stages of the food cycle. The growing demand for local food is complicated by diasporic communities who bring their own agricultural and culinary practices to this process of transformation. How can the “local” be reframed through the lens of food justice?

The Foodshed Project, a participatory action research collaboration between the University of Toronto Munk Centre, the Faculty of Environmental Studies and 30 local organizations, will probe the organizational ecology, generational and cultural renewal of these initiatives. Community partners from rural and urban contexts will bring their perspectives to the issues of local food and food justice.

Who will be there?

Harriet Friedmann (University of Toronto)

Lord Abbey (The Stop Community Food Centre)

Graham Corbett (Whole Village Community Shared Agriculture)

Evelyn Encalada (Justicia4Migrant Workers)

Anan Lololi (AfriCan Food Basket)

Sally Miller (West End Food Coop)

For more details, visit http://www.yorku.ca/yuevents/index.asp?Event=18453&Category=0&ShowCal=Y&TimeSame=Jan&Month=1&Year=2010


In the coming week, we will update you on our very own Food Justice event coming up in February…so check back soon!

The Green Team and U-Compost on campus

Good morning UeaTers!

As promised, this post is about the wonderful Green Team at the major cafeterias.


What do they do, you ask? Keep reading to find out


8:00am: Get out of bed with a big smile. Today is another day when we will save the planet! (the Green Team is very passionate about the environment).

9:00am: Eat a big healthy well-balanced breakfast of local foods. Or maybe just a granola bar while heading out the door.

10:00am: Walk, take the transit, or bike to campus. This is one more way the Green Team helps the environment.

11:00am: Gather at Sid’s Cafe for updates. The Green Team members meet to discuss action-plans and share their experiences of the past day.

11:10am to 3:00pm
: The Green Team takes over the major cafeterias on campus (Sid’s Cafe, Robarts Cafeteria, MSB Cafeteria). This week, they are working on the U-Compost Campaign. During the lunch hour, they talk to everybody in the caferias about the benefits of composting after their meals. They show people how to compost, and discuss what goes into the green bins and what doesn’t. They give out bookmarks showing which foods can be composted, and other relevant information. Their motto is



Of course, they are talking about the green composting bins, not themselves. If you can eat it, the green compost bin can eat it as well.

: The Green Team heads to classes, work, and other activities. After a good night’s sleep, they meet again at Sid’s Cafe to discuss new ways to save the environment.

So, UeaTers, keep an eye out for the Green Team, and help them out by properly composting your organic wastes. Why? Because as a University, we are trying to divert our waste by recycling, reusing and composting. The minerals produced by composting our food wastes is used in fertilizer around the city. Every little orange peel and apple core and chicken bone and napkin counts. If you take 10 seconds out of each meal to dispose of the wastes properly, you will make the Green Team very happy.

So, do it for the Green Team, for the planet, and for yourself. 🙂

PS: Be sure to check out what one of the Green Team members had to say about his experience on his blog!

Chocolatiers, Composting, and Green Students!

Welcome back UeaTers!!!!

Hope you had a fabulous holiday!

At UeaT, we have decided to kick off 2010 on a sustainable note. We are bringing back our Weekly Local Farmer’s Market. Starting tomorrow (January 6, 2010), you can drop by University College from 2:30pm to 5:30pm to indulge in fresh produce, baked goods and cheeses from vendors that continue to bring delights to U of T. You will also find two new vendors:

The Cutting Veg and ChocoSol. Yes, we now have a chocolatier at U of T!!

We are also bringing the U-ComposT campaign to Sid’s Cafe, Robarts Cafeteria and MSB Cafeteria. Keep an eye out for our Green Team, a team of enthusiastic students who are working hard to spread awareness about front-of-house composting on campus. Not sure what the Green Team is? Check back in 24 hours for a video of the Green Team in action!

Gifts that make you so yummm…

Does this sound familiar?

It is two weeks to Christmas. Your Christmas shopping has yet to begin. The lineups are now bordering on insane, and everything seems to be sold out. The quest for the perfect, unique-but-affordable gift is slowly dying. You are considering running away to Bora Bora for the holidays.

Christmas can be overwhelming. But only if you let it become overwhelming.

Your gift shopping does not have to be so hard….read on for a list of “unique yet affordable” presents which make you go yumm.

1- Chef’s Hats: These puffy white hats with your name embroidered on them are available online…just do a quick Google search. They may not be too useful but you know mom will feel like a queen when she wears her hat to bake a special batch of cookies for you. It’s a win-win type of present.

2- Subscription to delicious magazine: This glossy magazine is so pretty. The pictures should be enough to make anybody go yumm. The recipes are easy to follow, there are many low fat, healthy options, and the finished products turn out yummy. This is a great gift for mom, dad, or anybody else who enjoys cooking up a storm. You can buy the magazine at any bookstore, and the subscription can be mailed in or purchased online.

3- Peppercorn and Sea Salt Mills: Once you have used pepperballs and saltballs, you will never use a pepper shaker again. The flavor of peppercorn and sea salt is a big plus point. Other pluses include the adorable shapes they come in. These are available at most kitchen stores, as well as online.

4- Batch of cookies: This makes a great present for friends you are not too close to, and in Secret Santa situations where you don’t know who will get your gift. Pick out your favorite cookie recipe, or use one of ours, bake a BIG batch, put them in cookie tins and give them out. Of course, feel free to eat some yourself. J

<span style=”font-family: Verdana; color: red

5- Purdy’s Hedgehogs: We dare you to buy these for presents and not eat them until Christmas morning. These Hazelnut-flavored Hedgehog-shaped truffles are arguably the most delightful treat to come out of Canada. Yup, they’re up there with Cow’s icecream, beavertails and poutine. Purdy’s is a Canadian company which began in Vancouver 102 years ago…so in a way, you’re buying local when you buy these hedgehogs.

You can buy and have them gift wrapped for free at their retail locations (Erin Mills Town Center, Vaughan Mills and Fairview Mall) or order them from their website.

Anybody have any other yummy ideas they’d like to share?

U-Cookie: Shortbread Sugar Cookies

Hello to a new week and the first snowfall of the season!!

We suggest that you stay indoors, drink warm hot chocolate, and bake some delicious Shortbread Sugar Cookies. They are super simple and quick to make, and turn out absolutely amazing!

(Click on the image to make it larger)

U-Cookie: Molasses Crinkle Cookie

As promised, here is the second installment of the U-Cookie recipes. Click on the image to make it larger, and right click to save it to your computer.



You will need:

2 1/4 cups margarine

2 cups brown sugar

3 whole eggs

2/3 cups molasses (not blackstrap molasses)

1 1/4 teaspoons salt

2 tablespoons baking powder

1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1 tablespoon ground ginger

1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

Steps to follow:

  • Mix all dry ingredients together and sift.
  • Cream together the margarine and brown sugar in a standing mixture until smooth and light (4-5 mins).
  • Slowly add the sifted ingredients to the creamed margarine and mix evenly until smooth.
  • Cover and refrigerate for 1-2 hours (or overnight).
  • Roll the dough with your hands into golf-ball sized shapes.
  • Roll the balls into sugar on one side, leave the other side clean.
  • Lay the dough balls (clean side down) on a parchment lined baking tray and bake at 350F for 12-15 mins.
  • They should appear brown around the edges. Cool on a wire rack.

Strawberry Brain Drink

Fruit smoothies are an awesome way to get your fruit servings for the day…they are also a great way to satisfy dessert cravings.

There are hundreds of strawberry smoothie recipes online, but the best ones are the ones you make to your taste.


Generally, you will need:


Four or five fresh strawberries (can be frozen)

One banana

Yoghurt or milk (half cup)

Half an orange (if you have any lying around)

Few drops of lime juice

A couple of pineapple chunks (if you have any lying around)

One to two tablespoons of sugar, sweetener, or honey (depending on your preference)

Half cup of icecubes


All you have to do is to blend all these ingredients for two minutes pour them in a glass, garnish and drink up!

You can also add other ingredients. Popular choices include: dates instead of sugar, kiwi slices, soy milk, strawberry syrup, mint leaves, blueberries.

New Farmer at your Market: The Cutting Veg!!

Hey UeaTers!

Please join us in welcoming The Cutting Veg, our newest farmer at the U of T Farmer’s Market (held on Wednesdays). Come on down to the Farmer’s Market and pick up their fresh produce, brought to you from their farm in Brampton.

The Cutting Veg (TCV) is not just a farm, it is a community-health promotion enterprise rooted in organic farming.  TCV runs programs aimed at cultivating personal, social, environmental, and economic health, and grows a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, which are sold at the U of T Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, from 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

The Cutting Veg also runs the “Global Garlic Project.”  They grow over a dozen varieties of garlic from around the world, including Tibet, Persia, Italy, Russia, Korea, and Israel. 

TCV also provides Food Coaching Services, which offers garden & composting project support, educational workshops & urban farming internships, dietary & meal planning support, and food-career counselling; and one-on-one “Wellness Counselling” for individuals who want to take steps forward with their health and happiness.

And guess what? They have a blog with lots of pictures! You can check it out here.

Or better yet, you can come on down to the U of T Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays, from 2:30pm to 5:30pm (inside University College) and speak to The Cutting Veg farmer while buying amazing local produce from Brampton, Ontario.

See you there!